Esl shopping role play pdf

Esl shopping role play pdf
ESL Puzzles Materials for Teachers & Students . Title: Advice role cards Author: ASUS Created Date: 12/9/2012 12:08:56 PM
New Supermarket: Role Play. The local council has decided to call a public meeting to discuss the proposal to build a new hyper-market on the outskirts of the historical town of Bratton View.
22/10/2011 · Shopping-themed activities are easy to do in the classroom, and they help develop a wide range of skills and vocabulary. For example: Names of foods, clothing, furniture, and other goods.
Shopping role-play ESL activity / game for elementary/Junior high school. Students practice shopping and selling school supplies in English. Fun & practical Students practice shopping and selling school supplies in English.
Students role play dating do’s and don’ts in the United States. Students have a list of dating rules to guess the rules being broken in the role plays. Students have a list of dating rules to guess the rules being broken in the role plays.
ESL Ordering Food and Drink Role-Play – Reading, Listening and Speaking Activity – Pre-intermediate – 20 minutes In this rewarding teaching activity, students role-play ordering food and drink from a sandwich shop at lunchtime.
A shopping role play Worksheet A: Shopping lists List 1 Here are the things you need to buy – a blank CD to burn some music on your laptop – a newspaper, preferably ‘The Guardian’ or ‘The Independent’ – Some low-fat milk – Half a kilo of nectarines – A monolingual dictionary, English – English, but small enough for your pocket You also need to change a 10 pound note for 10 one pound
Role play the call; you should role play being available to answer the call. Where Where possible, the learner should do this without the help of the cue cards.
The PDF of the transcript can also be found there. The first listening exercise involves a visual representation of the customer’s route through the department store.
ROLE-PLAY SPEAKING RUBRIC NOTE FINALE: _____ / 30 Grammar and Vocabulary Pronunciation, Intonation and Fluency Character and Scenario Development EXCEEDS STANDARD
Prepare your ESL students to shop at home and abroad in English with these great role play activities! When you go abroad, shopping is inevitable.Your students might travel abroad to a foreign country and need their English for shopping escapades.
Role-playing refers to taking parts in a pretend situation to focus on specific English skills. When we telephone others, especially when we telephone business or other professionals for appointments, there is a purpose to our conversation.
Shopping for a present Scene 1‐ Friends Talking Friend A: Hi , tomorrow is Lily’s birthday, I think we should buy her a present.
This mini-play is set in a clothes shop in Manchester, where two friends are chatting to each other as they shop. The lesson plan provides listening and language exercises for students, plus teacher’s notes with top tips to exploit the play for language and drama purposes.
This role play was adapted from ESL Role Plays. Description – A group of friends is trying to decide what movie to see. Preparation – Copy / cut role play cards before class.

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Role-play is an effective technique to animate the teaching and learning atmosphere, arouse the interests of learners, and make the language acquisition impressive. So this research will mainly focus on how to apply it successfully and take
Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language If you want to download you have to send your own contributions. Shopping role play worksheets High Quality ESL Lesson Plans – Free Samples – Membership Be a better teacher! Hundreds of PDF lesson plans. Grammar, reading, vocabulary, speaking. All with comprehensive Teacher Notes included. Zero preparation time required
This is a dialogue and role play exercise. Two students fight over the car, but then, one of them goes out, and something unexpected happens. The dialogue sets the pattern of talking in English, a
shopping for clothes. That’s cool. What clothes do you want to buy? I want to buy a red _____ and blue _____ for my brother. What colour are his trousers? Hmmm. They are _____. What clothes do you want to buy? I want to buy a green _____ and yellow _____ for my sister. Wow! That’s very nice. What colour are her shoes? Her shoes are _____. So cool! I want shoes like her. Can I buy you some
©British!Council!2012!! 2! Going&shopping&*&Lesson&plan&& Task 1 – Write the words under the correct picture (15 mins) • Using student worksheet page …
Music ESL Role Play Lesson Plan Description – Students create a band and try to get gigs at music venues. Preparation – Make a copy of the “Musician Sheet” for each student.
Keep the role-play going until enough shoppers have completed their tasks. Put the class into groups and ask them to explain how the shopping (and selling) went, and what problems they had. Feedback open class on any interesting language points.
TIP: When showing youtube clips in class have them loaded up before to avoid awkward buffering moments. Alternatively with a younger or American English class you can use this clip from The Big Bang Theory (stolen from another haggling lesson plan, thanks guys):
E S L B A S E R E S O U R C E S You go to a bookshop Greet the shop assistant as you enter You want a travel guide… ask where they are You also want a dictionary… ask where they are
This is the final practice before students role-play without looking at the worksheet. Students should cover the Students should cover the conversation in exercise two, and fill in the blanks.
Going shopping lesson plan Learners ESOL Nexus
Practical English: Shopping / Menswear and ladieswear (color, design and material) Do you have that in other colours? Resource type: Role-play exercise, with audio
Role 1 is green, Role 2 is yellow and Role 3 (Coach/Lifeliner) is blue. Because there are 3 scenarios Because there are 3 scenarios for the activity, you should …
Role plays for ESL students are one of the best ways to help them learn English in a fun, natural way and prepare them for life outside the classroom.
Role-play cards for ‘customers’ and for a ‘shopkeeper’, to be used along with play money, a calculator and some groceries from your kitchen cupboard.
Lesson Plan on Clothing Vocabulary & Shopping This is a 1 1/4 hour – 1 1/2 hour (splittable) lesson on clothing vocabulary for beginning ESL students. It lets them practice their new vocabulary, and useful shopping vocabulary, by planning clothing stores in teams and then selling to other students.
Do you enjoy shopping for other people? 1,000 Conversation Questions: Want more questions? Get all of our questions, plus many more, in an easy to access format.
The clothes shop Onestopenglish
Support your ESL students in communicating during real-life situations by using this role play lesson. Students will role play various real-life scenarios and then use their experience to write a
LISTENING . Shopping for clothes “Listen to the conversation between a customer and a shop assistant and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.”
A collection of ESL, EFL downloadable, printable worksheets, practice exercises and activities to teach about shopping dialog
Greeting the Customer Role Play Peer Evaluation Instructions: Read the following lists of appropriate behavior for the Sales Associate in the Greeting the Customer role play. Then, watch your classmates perform the role play. Use the lists to guide your comments and suggestions. You do not need to write your comments. Sales Associate It is appropriate to: Smile Be polite and friendly Be
: Shopping Role-play 3 Activities plus Vocabulary Support for Shopping. T his unit contains an information gap, a walk-and-talk, and a role-play, as well as numerous vocabulary worksheet.
ESL Shopping Role-Play – Listening and Speaking Activity – Pre-intermediate – 25 minutes In this enjoyable shopping role-play, students practice shopping language in two situations. The first role-play takes place in a newsagent’s and the other takes place in a clothes shop.
role play – shopping for clothes Get ss talking through role play. Two elementary examples are given so ss can make their own role play when gaining confidence.
Here are some practice dialogues that focus on shopping for clothing including polite requests and typical questions used in stores and boutiques. Here are some practice dialogues that focus on shopping for clothing including polite requests and typical questions used in stores and boutiques. Shopping in English. Search the site GO. Languages. English as a Second Language Vocabulary …
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Task 5: Go shopping Your teacher will give you a role and explain what to do. Going shopping – Student’s worksheet Task 4 – Price cards for ‘customers’ (Cut into strips and give one to each ‘customer’) Choose two things you want to buy and find the cheapest place to buy them. Things to buy Shop 1 Shop 2 Shop 3 E.g. A bottle of lemonade £1.29 £0.99 £0.60
shopping centre bargain department store window shopping shopaholic chainstore receipt save up for something impulse buy discount consumer society market stall haggle Activity 3 Fill the gaps in the sentences below with the following idioms in the correct form. to shop all over the shop the shop floor to talk shop 1. She doesn’t like it when her husband’s colleagues come to dinner because – advantages of shopping malls pdf

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